This project is co-funded by the Home programme of the European Union

a transnational study into New Psychoactive Substances


Current activities


The project group is currently preparing various papers on specific NPS topics (e.g. harms, market, risk perception, motives) to be published in peer-reviewed international journals. Preliminary results are presented at national and international conferences.





Country report

Whilst legislative controls in Ireland have decreased prevalence of use and availability of NPS, efforts are warranted to continue to monitor online sourcing routes, and develop continued harm reduction messages to users, and specific clinical policies.


Expert report

Recent research as part of an EU funded research project spanning six countries, including Ireland is currently exploring the NPS phenomenon. Research conducted by Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland with key regional and national experts has underscored the mental health and addiction related consequences of NPS use, and has highlighted the need for Irish community and health services to design and target harm reduction and clinical responses for this form of drug abuse.


Final report

The final report of the NPS-t study presents the results of a survey among over 3.000 NPS users from 6 countries. Results include patterns of use, user profiles, procurement, market dynamics, and prevention. This report highlights the variety in types of NPS users and across countries.



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